About Me

I’m a baker and a foodie.

I first approached baking when I was studying Design and Technology Food for my GCSE’s and really enjoyed it. Ever since, I have been baking at home using a range of recipe books. I find that baking helps to release stress, but can become even more stressful when the baked product goes wrong. I enjoy baking for family and friends, and would find any excuse to bake and test out new recipes. I’m also a major matchaholic, and sometimes I try to incorporate it into my baking.

If I’m not baking, then you’ll find me eating! I was surrounded by food from a very young age, and my interest in food has grown over the last few years. I enjoy eating out and trying new restaurants. My favourite cuisine is Japanese and I never get bored of eating it. I have met lots of new friends through the love of food!

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello yee 🙂 please can you add me on facebook? Facebook.com/raymond.ly.16

    Love your bakes and I do the same stuffs xD

    Thanks, let me know

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