Eating with Alisha in Tokyo

During our short stay in Tokyo we managed to meet up with our good friend Alisha who’s studying Japanese over there. We had a huge list of places that we wanted to try but it wasn’t possible to fit in so many in one day.

We met up with Alisha for lunch and we wanted to eat tsukemenm which are ramen noodles dipped in a separate bowl of soup before eating. This is one of our favourite dishes because the noodles are chewy and the separate broth help to keep them bouncy. So after some research we picked a place called Fuungi in Shinjuku.

When we arrived around 1pm there was a queue starting from inside the restaurant all the way to the outside. We probably queued for about half an hour in total which isn’t too bad during lunch hour.

As we approached the door we saw the machine and ordered our own ramen, and luckily Alisha was with us and showed us how to order and add extra toppings. The machine prints out individual tickets for each topping that you want to add.

After printing off our orders we then had to wait for others to finish eating before we could hand the staff our tickets and be seated to eat. I ordered the special dipping ramen and there is no extra charge for upgrading to a large, but I wasn’t brave enough to stomach that and wanted to save room for dessert.

The food arrived fairly quickly after we sat down. I asked for extra chashu pork and seaweed with my bowl of ramen, the noodles were nice and chewy and the egg was gooey in the centre. The broth was very rich and creamy in my opinion but became a little too salty for my liking after a few mouthfuls. They give you a generous serving of ramen, so luckily I didn’t opt for the large portion.

After a tummy full of ramen we went for a stroll and ended up at the famous Shibuya crossing 

After that my sweet tooth kicked in and needed some dessert. Alisha took us to the Dolci Cafe Silkream in Shibuya, this was one of the top places on my list to visit because I’ve seen so many photos of this soft serve and really wanted to try it. They are well known for their soft serve ice cream which is made out of 25% cream containing 12.5% milk fat.

We let Alisha do the ordering and listened to her speak fluently in Japanese.

John ordered the classic soft serve and the cone came on the side. It was silky and creamy – loved it.

Alisha ordered the soft serve that came with a mini panacotta and buttery biscuits.

I couldn’t decide what to order because everything on the menu looked yummy. I ended up ordering this strawberry parfait. It had a layer of strawberry compote, chocolate puffed rice, fresh cream, soft serve, wafers and super sweet strawberries. We enjoyed all three desserts and I was really blown away by how creamy the soft serve was. 

We thought we were full from dessert (we were really full) but just as we walked past a little cute crepe shop selling cream brûlée crepes, which was another thing on my list to eat so we decided to order it because our stomachs are bottomless when it comes to desserts.

Soft crepe filled with fresh cream and custard. It was very creamy, not too sweet, and surprisingly Alisha and I finished this between us even though the last mouthful was pushing us well past our cream quota for the day!

That’s the end to our food coma day with Alisha, thanks for being our guide for the day and looking after us, we really enjoyed it and we will be back.

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