Cafe Gram in Tokyo

We made our very first visit to Japan in March this year and we were super excited. I love Japanese food and could eat sushi several times a week and not get bored of it. We made a long list of places which we wanted to eat at and for me the place I was most looking forward to was Cafe Gram’s soufflé pancakes. I love pancakes and after seeing pictures on Instagram this place was high up on my list.

The cafe only serves 60 portions a day and at certain times – 11am, 3pm and 6pm. An hour before serving time they hand out cards for you to save your portion and then they tell you come back 5 minutes befor serving time. We opted for the 11am slot so arrived around 10am and we were first in the queue. Currently there are 5 Cafe Grams in Tokyo and we visited the one in Harajuku.

We only ordered one portion because there was no way we could finish a portion each (that’s what I originally thought..until I ate 80% of it). We went back to the cafe around 10.55 and shortly after that our pancakes arrived!!

A stack of 3 thick fluffy pancakes with butter, syrup and cream. This was definitely one of the best things I ate in Tokyo. The pancakes were light and didn’t taste too eggy. Minimal effort required to cut through these and it was perfect with the lightly whipped cream – everything went so well together.

These pancakes are super wobbly and we had fun taking pictures and videos. 
The pancakes started to lean over as we poured the syrup on top.

As we’re greeedy pigs we also ordered a portion of their chocolate and banana French toast with vanilla ice cream. The French toast had a nice crispy edge to it, slightly eggy in the middle and quite tasty. But it was not necessary to order this after a big portion of pancakes!

Overall we really enjoyed the pancakes, even John did and he’s not a big pancake fan. My favourite pancakes in London are the ricotta hot cakes at Granger and Co but in my opinion nothing comes close to the pancakes I had in Cafe Gram.

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