Dumpling Shack research trip to Hong Kong

We flew to HK for a few days to carry out some research for Dumpling Shack and to get some inspiration for our menu. We managed to fit in quite a few places despite only being in HK for 3 days and then flying off to Singapore. I’ve listed a few places below which we liked and we would definitely visit again.

Cheung Hing Kei

Our first stop after we landed in HK was Cheung Hing Kei shengjian baos, we went to the one in Tseung Kwan O’s Popcorn food court. There’s a glass window where you can watch them cook the shengjian baos in a large pan and we stood there for a while watching them cook our dumplings. They have three flavours – original pork, pork and prawn and truffle and pork. We were lucky that we managed to try all three flavours and they distinguish each one by sprinkling different sesame seeds on top.

The dumplings have a thin skin, super crispy golden bottom and packed full of soup. I forgot how much soup they had inside… I bit one and squirted it all over John. 

These pork and truffle dumplings were super fragrant, first bite revealed the strong smell of truffle and as you can see it’s drowned in soup and covered with truffle on top.


The prawn and pork dumplings are probably my favourite, they put a whole prawn on top.


Dumpling Pro

Continuing our dumpling research we went to a dumpling shop called Dumpling Pro in Jordan, a few doors down from Australia Dairy Company. They sell boiled and pan fried dumplings, they also serve the dumplings in a soup broth. We just ordered 2 types of dumplings to try.

Pan fried lamb and onion dumplings – we didn’t find these very juicy but they were pan fried nicely and golden brown.

We also ordered one of their signature dumplings – boiled egg and tomato, we preferred this over the lamb dumplings.

Maks noodles

Next door to Dumpling Pro is Maks noodles so thought we might as well try this place out too – probably our 3rd meal in 2 hours so we ordered one portion to share. They’re famous for their wonton noodles.

A small bowl of bouncy noodles with some wontons underneath, we really enjoyed the springiness of the noodles and went well with the wontons.


Apart from wontons they also sell shui gao which are prawns in a wonton pastry so we ordered a bowl without noodles. The prawns inside were really fresh and bouncy, and I think I prefer these over their wontons.

Shanghai Hong Kong Noodle House

We’ve never really had Shanghainese breakfast before but we knew one of the breakfast items chi fan could be found in HK – a rolled up glutinous rice filled with fried dough, preserved radish and pork floss. It’s super carb heavy but we love carbs. We visited Shanghai Hong Kong Noodle house in Causeway Bay they’re famous for their chi fan and it’s made at the front of the shop. I must warn you though… the service is average… I overheard the staff saying to a customer “hurry up” when ordering and mumbled to another that the minimum spend per person is 20 dollars when someone ordered just 2 bowls of savoury soy milk.

We ordered one chi fan to share as it’s quite big, it’s wrapped in cling film and as you can see it’s packed with fried dough. The overall product wasn’t that dry and it went really well with a bowl of sweet soy milk.

The shengjian baos at this place have a fluffy bun texture, and it wasn’t pan fried much, we didn’t think it was that great.

We were truly being pigs…. there was no need to order extra fried dough and spring onion pancake on the side… but we really enjoyed the fried dough, it’s not oily and it’s crispy and light – we enjoyed dipping this into our soy milk. The spring onion pancake was quite bready and probably my least favourite thing.

Shanghai Lao Lao

We tried another Shanghainese restaurant which was in Wan Chai – we came across this place on Instagram and the spring onion pancake looked really good so thought we had to check it out.

Spring onion pancake was shaped like a bagel, it was quite thick, pastry was really flaky and it was stuffed with spring onions inside – quite tasty.

The shengjian baos were like a bun – they were super fluffy and light with a golden bottom.

Shrimp and scallion hand pulled noodles – my favourite dish that night, the noodles were super bouncy and the sauce was really tasty. The scallions and shrimp added extra flavour and one bowl wasn’t enough for us!


This cold noodle place is near Prince Edward station, it’s a small shop with a few tables to sit in. Their menu is also quite small- selling cold noodles, wontons and a spicy noodles in soup. When we arrived the queue was pretty long and we waited for about 10 minutes. We ordered a small portion of the spicy cold noodles and chose medium for the spice level – this only cost us 11 dollars and the portion size was quite decent.

All the noodles are served in takeaway containers. The spicy cold noodles are topped with coriander and spring onions plus lots of chillis.

Mix up all the sauce with noodles before eating. I didn’t find it too spicy it was just right for me and you could taste the chillis and the peppercorn in this. It’s a very refreshing cold noodle dish.

We enjoyed our little research trip in HK and found a few gems which has given us some ideas for our menu. I’m now really looking forward to Dumpling Shack’s first permanent site this year, but in the mean time I need to practice folding dumplings…. #yeeneedstolearn 

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