Sweet tooth in Hong Kong

You could say that I’m greedy or you could say that I have 2 stomachs – one for savoury foods and one for desserts – even if I’m full I will always have room for dessert. We had quite a few dessert places on our list which we wanted to try, and so happy that we ticked them off our list.

Lady M

The famous Lady M mille crepe cakes – there are 2 shops in Hong Kong (Harbour City and IFC2) we visited the one in IFC2 just before midday and didn’t have to queue. I love all things matcha so I took charge and ordered the matcha mille crepe. 21 layers of super thin crepes sandwiched between light creme patisserie and dusted with matcha powder. The mille crepe cake was light and easy to eat. I also had my eye on the banana mille feuille as we left the shop, would love to order that the next time I visit.



Pan de Pain

I’m a major fan of pancakes because I like eating thick fluffy pancakes drowned in syrup. I saw these Japanese souffle pancakes all over Instagram so added this to our list. We arrived around 2pm on a weekday and had to queue for about 30-45 mins. We ordered a portion of the souffle pancakes to share – they were super light, souffle texture was melt in the mouth like a puff of cloud. We inhaled these within 5 minutes and I could easily eat another portion. The restaurant is located in K11 shopping mall and every Monday you can  receive 11% off for food.




McDonalds have a special soft serve flavour which changes once every few months. Luckily when we went in March they had purple sweet potato soft serve. The flavour of the sweet potato was quite strong and the soft serve itself wasn’t too sweet. They also had the taro pie on the menu – crispy pie filled with cubes of taro which went quite well with the soft serve.



Cong Sao Star Dessert

This dessert place is located in Causeway Bay – we arrived around 8pm and had to queue for about 15 minutes but it’s definitely worth the wait, and the service was pretty quick.

We ordered the signature mango and cream pancakes – mangoes were super sweet, wrapped around cream and a super soft crepe. The whole dessert was like a little sweet soft pillow.We also ordered the coconut special – coconut milk, sago, fresh fruit and jellies. I love coconut so I  really enjoyed it and the coconut milk didn’t make the dessert heavy.




Honey Creme

The famous Korean soft serve topped with a piece of honey comb. The soft serve itself was very smooth and the honey wasn’t overly sweet – quite nice biting into a piece of honey comb like that. They also have a range of different flavours and toppings.



Kyo Hayashiya

We were shopping in Hysan Place and came across this matcha place – anything matcha will attract my attention. We ordered the matcha parfait to share – which was quite pricey around 100HKD. The parfait consisted of matcha soft serve, fresh cream, pieces of jelly and mochi, red bean and fresh fruit. The matcha soft serve was very strong – so strong that it turned out quite bitter, but perfect for matcha lovers who like the bitterness. I actually ended up finishing this all on my own because it was too strong for John.




On this trip we indulged on quite a few desserts and didn’t feel guilty at all about eating it because, you can’t find these in London. Plus going on holiday is all about exploring the culture and the food – so we literally let our clean eating go out the window and it was worth it!

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