Jin Go Gae

I have been quite busy (eating) and lazy recently! So lets go right back to the beginning of the year when me and John visited New Malden for a Korean meal. New Malden also known as little Korea has lots of hidden gems and authentic Korean restaurants –  it’s also quite far for us to get to but we finally decided to go (John kindly drove). We chose Jin Go Gae because a few of our friends have visited before and recommended it to us.

It was News Years day and we didn’t make a reservation but arrived sharply at 5.30pm when they opened and managed to get a table. After we were seated the restaurant began to fill up quite quickly.

There are a wide range of dishes on the menu and we wanted to order everything! We weren’t really in the mood for Korean bbq so we just decided to order a few starters to share and a main each. When I say a few I mean the table was filled with dishes and it didn’t take long for all the food to arrive.


Kan Poon-gi (deep fried chicken with sweet and sour sauce) – I would say that it’s a pretty big portion size for a starter. Chicken was crispy and sauce was sweet and sticky.



Par-Jeon (Korean seafood pancakes with spring onion, crab stick and squid) Pancakes were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside – the squid was really tender too.



Mandu (Homemade beef fried dumplings) These dumplings were pretty big and juicy! You can also tell from the photo below that it was crispy.



Jap-Chae (Glass vermicelli noodles pan fried with beef and mixed vegetables) They give you a generous amount and the glass noodles are thicker compared to what I’ve had at other places.



Dukbokki (Korean spicy rice cakes with fish cakes and vegetables) A generous portion of rice cakes and the spice levels were just right for me (I ate most of this dish…)



Yukwhe bibimbap (Thin strips of beef sashimi with rice, vegetables and an egg yolk) One of my favourite bibimbap, with fresh beef and lots of vegetables.



Seafood bibimbap (Prawns, mussels, baby squid, clams and vegetables) John ordered the seafood version which was equally as tasty and the hot stone bowl was super hot – it took a while for the rice to cool down.



Overall we really enjoyed the meal – service was quick and the food was fresh and tasty. You could say that some dishes are a little expensive but it is good quality authentic food. We will definitely be back to try other dishes!


Jin Go Gae Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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