Christmas Baking

Christmas is over.. but it did give me an excuse to bake more cakes and fatten up my family and friends. This year I baked a few things.

Gingerbread latte cake

This is a recipe by John Whaites. If you like gingerbread then you will love this cake. This is a five layer cake sandwiched with espresso buttercream, it’s also quite easy to make. Although the recipe only uses 2 teaspoons of ground ginger the taste is quite strong.





Viennese whirl mince pies

Another recipe from John Whaites. The pastry is super buttery and crunchy, and the viennese whirl on top melts in your mouth. All you need is a jar of mincemeat and you’re ready to go! (or make your own) I will definitely make these again next year.



Gingerbread cupcakes with salted caramel icing

I found this recipe from BBC food. The gingerbread theme continues because I like gingerbread!  Simple cupcakes flavoured with ground ginger and the buttercream contains home made caramel (super easy to make). I was quite generous with my piping and piped lots on top (sugar rush after eating it)



Chocolate cupcakes

I used one of Hummingbird’s chocolate cupcakes and buttercream recipe. Then decorated these with some cute little edible Christmas decorations and chocolate sprinkles. Perfect little edible gifts for my friends.



Rosette cake

There was a baking competition/bake sale at work so I made a two tone rosette cake. The base is a Victoria sponge with strawberry jam, it doesn’t take long to decorate and looks very pretty.



Hummingbird cake

It was my dads birthday over Christmas so I made this hummingbird cake for him, he doesn’t have a sweet tooth so this cake was perfect. The recipe is from Hummingbird bakery and it contains bananas and pineapple which makes it super moist.


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