Pastéis de Belém – Lisbon

I think one of the things I look forward to when going on holiday is trying the different foods out there. I guess one of the reasons we ended up in Lisbon is because we both love Portuguese tarts! Layers of flaky pastry with a creamy custard centre – that’s the perfect tart.

We researched and our friends also told us that Pastéis de Belém produce the best tarts. It’s situated in Belém and has been established since 1837.

We arrived around 8.30am and luckily it wasn’t very busy yet – nothing wrong with eating Portugese tarts for breakfast right?



It’s quite spacious inside and the counters at the front were’t just filled with tarts but also other sweet cakes.


Seeing as this was our first visit and we were both hungry we treated ourselves by ordering four tarts, a doughnut and a piece of sponge cake.


The tarts are served warm and you can also sprinkle some cinnamon sugar on top (we were too excited to try it we forgot about the cinnamon). The pastry was crispy and flaky, the custard was creamy and not too sweet, we finished these pretty quickly.

The doughnut was also filled with custard and it wasn’t too heavy or oily at all.


We also ordered the sponge cake – again filled with custard. The sponge had a strong eggy taste and it’s quite light – similar to Chinese sponge cakes


Lots of people queue up to buy take away. One evening around 4-5pm we were passing by Belém and we witnessed the long queue – it was very long! But definitely worth the wait.  However if you’re not buying take away and prefer to sit in, then walk straight past the queue, go inside and find a seat. After you’ve eaten you can even order a few boxes to take away – six tarts in a box, on the last day we ordered seven boxes to take home (yes we are little pigs). Re heat them in the oven and they still taste delicious.

I definitely recommend visiting and eating one or two tarts (four in our case).

5 thoughts on “Pastéis de Belém – Lisbon

  1. I had to give this place a pass coz there was a long queue outside and we did not have enough time to join it… Gives me a reason to return to Lisbon 😉

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